When you invite a friend to a dinner party or write them a thank you note, the recipient knows if thought and sincerity went into the correspondence. At Rolling Letter, we believe when a visitor is on your website, it would be rude not to invite them to your email list. However doing it with poor design and careless copy leaves your readers annoyed and lacks warmth. 

Rolling Letter was built for the restaurant owner who likes to meet her patrons. The writer who responds to inquiries. The journalist building his brand. The marketer who won't stand for clickbait. The clothing designer that would never consider a "pop up form." 

Email capture forms work well to find and grow your audience. 

At Rolling Letter, we've built simple, beautifully designed emails capture forms (pop-ups) with professional design and creative copy pre-built into your portfolio. All you have to do is select which one matches your style and taste. 

Within minutes, you'll turn what was a tacky pop-up into an artful invitation to every reader who visits your site. 

What we do is almost as important as why we do it. We built Rolling Letter to fund local journalism. Thirty percent of every dollar you spend at Rolling Letter is put towards local journalism (starting in Atlanta, Georgia) focused on furthering the progress of humanity.

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